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For the uninitiated, CryptoKitties is a blockchain based game where users can own adorable digital kittens that are one of a kind, breedable, and 100% owned by them. Ownership can be tracked securely through the blockchain, and these kittens can be traded or sold.

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain started out as a revolutionary technology that will shake industries. However, they have been struggling to come out with practical uses in daily lives even until now. At present, more use cases have already come to life such as cross-border money transfers and voting. But we can never really get enough just yet for people to acknowledge it as mainstream.

CryptoKitties founder Roham Gharegozlou expressed the vision in the following statement:

“We started CryptoKitties to bring decentralization to the mainstream. Today the world’s greatest ballplayer joins our movement. Meet #CurryKitties, the first ever sports collectibles with ownership and authenticity secured by the blockchain.”

By partnering with Stephen Curry, CryptoKitties is able to show just how it can create collectibles and offer these through an unprecedented global marketplace. As the asset is based on the blockchain, a certificate of authenticity can be easily pulled out, and ownership cannot be messed with as it is governed by smart contract technology.

What’s So Special About CurryKitties?

Stephen Curry and CryptoKitties just partnered to offer the crypto community something new – CurryKitties. These new kitties were created in honor of the celebrity athlete who is the point guard for the NBA Team – Golden State Warriors. Not only is the CurryKitty unique for representing Stephen Curry, but also because it is the first officially licensed sports crypto-collectible in the world.

These crypto-collectibles come in three designs and are all under a limited edition set. This positions the kitties as a form of trading cards, but tweaked to address issues such as overproduction or counterfeiting. The blockchain is the perfect medium for ensuring users authenticity of the item being bought, thus bringing about the birth of cryptocollectibles.

Sports with a massive following such as basketball will undoubtedly be defined by games that mark history. Stephen Curry as a two-time MVP then successfully represents basketball at this point in his career. Fans can then collect Stephen Curry inspired merchandise as priceless pieces of treasures. This is where the CurryKitty comes in – a sports memento whose value can potentially be priceless.

How Expensive Can A CurryKitty Get?

Since we’re relating this with baseball cards, it is only fair to cite how expensive one card can get. In the history of baseball cards, the most expensive one was the T206 Honus Wagner card which is valued at $3.12 million.

The value was able to climb as high as it did, and stayed there because it is a scarce item, a sports collectible, and featured one of the most iconic league sports players in the world.

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