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Radar Relay has just announced that there will now be integration for the Ledger hardware wallet to its exchange services.

This is a big deal as this is the first time that trading can be done from a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets, such as Ledger and Nano, are known to be the most secure ways you can hold your crypto. The biggest problem with using hardware wallets is that it can be onerous to trade. You have to move your coins to an exchange and then trade them. This Radar relay platform integration will allow you to transact from your hardware wallet.

Radar Relay is a decentralized exchange startup built on top of 0x protocol that offers attractive features for its users which includes no withdrawal limits and no depositing of assets among many others. Though not an exchange perse, Radar Relay serves as a relayer in order to manage orders without executing trades themselves or hold the assets of its users.
Radar has acknowledged Ledger’s reputation for being a secure and trusted brand of hardware wallet. It was announced last January 17 by its order book provider – 0x - that Ledger users will now be able to transfer ether and ERC20 based tokens to other Ledger wallets.

In order to do this, the wallet owners connect the devices to their respective computers, open the Ethereum apps, and then use the Radar Relay app to send the funds. As Radar Relay is using MetaMask, the wallet simply syncs with your wallet and will require no depositing.
Radar has posted more details on how to execute these transfers on its Twitter page.

This technology is one of the first to be launched among decentralized exchanges. As a startup, this was quite the aggressive move especially since it has only been less than a month since Radar raised 3 million in funding.

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