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Priyanka Lilaramani, a Goldman Sachs alum of 11 years, has joined crypto lending platform HOLD as CEO. HOLD offers a card that will enable its members to leverage their crypto portfolio as collateral to obtain fiat currency in a quick, efficient and transparent way. Users of HOLD can obtain cash quickly via a debit card. This project is currently in its ICO pre-sale with over $9mm raised.

Following her appointment, she commented:

The power and potential of Blockchain as a technology, and cryptocurrencies as an application is undeniable. It speaks to the power of people at scale and re-establishes how great causes are achieved.

At HOLD, we have an ambitious roadmap and a lot remains to be done to make this a mainstream technology. But a few years from now, we will look back, and the technology world will divide into two categories — the enablers and the naysayers.

HOLD will undoubtedly be in the enablers category.

According to the HOLD blog post, Lilaramani has already started regulatory conversations in many countries.

This news adds to the recent Goldman Sachs + Crypto trend :

  • May 2018 - NY Times announces that Goldman will open a Bitcoin Trading Desk.
  • May 2018 - Peter Thiel's Founder Fund invests in Tagomi, founded by Greg Tusar, ex Goldman executive who ran the firms electronic trading desk
  • April 2018 - Richard Kim leaves Goldman to join fellow Goldman Sachs alum Mike Novogratz as COO of Galaxy Digital
  • February 2018 - Goldman backed cryptocurrency exchange Circle purchases Poloniex for $400mm
  • January 2018 - Goldman Sachs executive Michael Bucella leaves Goldman to join fellow Goldman alum Matt Goetz at Blocktower Capital

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