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This episode’s guest is Chudi Amu, a venture capitalist and crypto trader based in Lagos, Nigeria. We chat about the Nigerian crypto scene, his trading strategy and whether Nigerian interest in crypto has any correlation to the drop in their national fiat currency; the Naira. We also touch on crypto trading as a solution to Nigerian unemployment.

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Show notes:

1:42 Chudi Amu Career Background
3:00 Chudi’s introduction to crypto
4:45 Trading versus Investing in crypto
5:50 Being a finance professional, what do you say to traditional finance folks who show disdain
for crypto
10:10 Crypto projects in Nigeria
13:10 Nigerian crypto interest tied to the drop in the Naira?
15:10 Lack of investment options available to the Nigerian retail investor
15:40 Crypto trading as a solution to Nigerian unemployment
18:00 Popular crypto exchanges in Nigeria
21:20 Removing emotion from choosing coins

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