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On the 35th episode of the Coin Gamma Podcast, we have Dr. D’vorah Graeser,  founder of KissPatent. D’vorah has spent 20 years in the intellectual property industry, and is a licensed US Patent Agent. She operates KISSPatent across borders, with offices in Chicago, New York and Eindhoven. She participated in the Human Genome Project and has extensive knowledge in the fields of healthcare, technology and startups. She enjoys running marathons.

We break down how the Blockchain industry can leverage patents, Dr. Graesers background, and how patents are used around the world.

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Show Notes

  • 1:30 KissPatent Intro
  • 3:23 Tension in the Blockchain space between being open and protecting ideas
  • 4:00 Patents are country specific
  • 4:30 95% of Patent Litigation in China is between Chinese companies
  • 5:20 Alibaba filed for 10% of the world’s patents on Blockchain
  • 6:00 Using OpenSource code and filing patents
  • 8:30 Patent process has not changed since the 18th century
  • 9:42 Patents are a way to share
  • 10:35 How you can enforce a patent
  • 11:30 How blockchains can help leverage patents
  • 13:30 What is KIssPatent’s focus?
  • 14:40 Automating the Patent process
  • 16:30 Dr. D’vorah Graeser Background
  • 19:55 Potential blockchain applications in Pharmacy

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