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Topper Bowers is the founder of Quorum Control GmbH, a Berlin-based technology company building the future of digital ownership. The company was founded in 2015 as Infosec technology and has since expanded and shifted to focus on building their industry agnostic, protocol-layer DLT platform, Tupelo.

Topper Bowers is an entrepreneur and engineer with over 20 years’ experience building software people want. He combines deep technical knowledge with proven executive skills. He consistently pursues tech that betters people’s lives, whether he’s designing user interfaces, managing world class teams, or building high volume distributed systems for large nonprofits and Fortune 50 companies. He’s a former Y-Combinator founder (Summer 2012) with deep knowledge of distributed systems and distributed ledger technology.

With Quorum Control, Topper’s goal was to provide a solution to the rising public concern over data security on the rise by creating a new, efficient and user-friendly data security service for businesses and individuals.

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Show Notes

  • 02:39 - Topper’s time working on the political platform/software for the 2012 US elections.
  • 03:45 - Working in engineering leadership and starting an information security company.
  • 04:37 - Discovering crypto and building a company within the blockchain space.
  • 09:53 - Quantum Control and Tupelo.
  • 11:39 - Choosing a token sale versus any other form of distribution.
  • 12:58 - The unique data structure of Tupelo.
  • 14:52 - The pure digitization of the asset ownership process.
  • 18:27 - Tupelo’s unique form of distributed ledger technology (DLT)
  • 20:49 - Ensuring transparency and efficacy in transactions.  
  • 23:00 - The differences between Tupelo’s structure and ERC-20.
  • 25:02 - Quantum Control’s business model.
  • 26:28 - The transition from the US to the Berlin, Germany tech scene and its benefits.
  • 29:28 - Their current testnet phase and the pipeline of interested developers.
  • 30:54 - Other cool implementations other than CryptoKitties
  • 33:55 - Actionable lessons from Topper’s time at Y-Combinator.

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