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As a former equity derivative trader, derivatives are one of the most exciting developments in the crypto space. As such, it was great to get Patrick Dugan, CEO of TradeLayer on the Coin Gamma Podcast. TradeLayer is a next-generation decentralized exchange protocol based off of Omni Layer, deploying on Litecoin and other Proof-of-Work cousin blockchains.

Prior to building TradeLayer, Patrick was a game designer and founded Farm Shares, a platform for farmers to distribute their food.

We talk about Patrick’s background before creating TradeLayer. We learn why TradeLayer is built on Bitcoin’s Omni Layer instead of Ethereum, why its important for exchanges to be decentralized, and how Tradelayer differs from other derivative exchanges.

We dig deep into derivatives with some slight detours into the Black Scholes Model and Long Term Capital Management. This is a fun conversation that you do not want to miss.

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Show Notes

  • 1:25 Patrick Dugan Background
  • 5:30 When Patrick Discovered Bitcoin
  • 8:10 How Patrick discovered Derivatives via “Traders, Guns, and Derivatives”
  • 11:35 The beginning of TradeLayer
  • 15:05 Implementing margin into the platform
  • 21:20 Why is it important to be decentralized?
  • 24:30 Decentralized Exchanges should not be able to control listings
  • 29:30 What separates TradeLayer versus the other decentralized exchanges
  • 32:20 Why is TradeLayer built on top of Bitcoin?
  • 37:10 What is a MetaCoin?
  • 40:35 Is TradeLayer a “Decentralized BitMex”?
  • 49:15 Why Open Interest will increase on crypto derivatives
  • 55:15 Why use swaps versus other derivatives?

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