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Today we have Nicole Tay, Blockchain Architect and Healthcare professional, as our guest to continue our series around using Blockchain in Healthcare. Nicole Tay is a creative healthcare professional and expert in the intersection of blockchain technology and healthcare. As a queer woman of color, Nicole is passionate about using blockchains and other emerging health technologies to bolster underserved communities.

On this podcast, we dig into Nicole’s background, her path to blockchain, and blockchain’s promise for the healthcare industry.  This is a fun conversation where we discuss how Big Pharma is incentivized to keep people sick, how patients do not have ownership of their data, and how Blockchain can solve this.

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Show Notes

  • 1:10 Nicole Intro
  • 6:10 How Nicole discovered Blockchain
  • 09:40 Why distrust is so prevalent in the Healthcare industry
  • 11:00 How large Pharma is incentivized to keep people sick
  • 14:20 Healthcare system works best when patients don’t know what is happening to their data
  • 15:00 Blockchain can give patients control of their data
  • 15:40 Is a cross-border blockchain healthcare possible?
  • 17:20 What is your responsibility as a blockchain architect
  • 19:11 Winning the Distributed healthcare hackathon with Mercantis
  • 20:00 How Mercantis works
  • 21:40 Being an advisor to Science Distributed
  • 22:40 Science is all about iterating
  • 24:00 Fake Science: The link between vaccines and autism
  • 25:20 Sensitive Patient Data on the Blockchain
  • 27:40 Using the Blockchain to fight Healthcare fraud
  • 29:00 Using Ethereum to fight the opioid crisis
  • 33:20 How Blockchain can assist underserved communities
  • 34:00 How Blockchain democratizes financial access

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