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Sami Rusani is the Chief Revenue Officer at ShipChain, a blockchain based solution provider for the transport and logistics industry. ShipChain is a fully integrated system across the entire supply chain, from the moment a shipment leaves the factory, to the final delivery on the customer's doorstep; federated in trustless, transparent blockchain contracts. After a successful $30 million raise in a week, they are now building a platform that will disrupt the multi trillion-dollar industry.

As a serial entrepreneur, blockchain advocate/investor, and talent manager, Sami has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Sony, Fender, Virgin, Universal Music, Ogilvy, Heineken, VISA and Mercedes.

Listen in and enjoy as Sami tells more about ShipChain and shares his insights on how blockchain, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”, is changing the world for the better.

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Show Notes:

  • 01:11 - Sami Rusani's intro
  • 03:20 - His previous work in the music industry.
  • 05:59 - Diving into crypto and blockchain.
  • 07:18 - Starting ShipChain.
  • 10:04 - The platform's integration with global transport and logistics companies.
  • 12:47 - A decentralized tracking system.
  • 16:24 - ShipChain's choice of an ERC-20 token rather than any other competitors in the market.
  • 18:34 - The first three industrial revolutions before Blockchain.
  • 22:40 - ShipChain's vision of leveraging IoT in its platform by collaborating with numerous IoT companies.
  • 24:11 - The $30 million fundraise in one week.
  • 28:17 - How the SHIP token is used in their blockchain.
  • 30:09 - Other cool projects that Sami would advise anyone to look into.

Connect with Sami and Shipchain:

  • Shipchain Website:
  • Shipchain Twitter: @ShipChain
  • Sami Linkedin:
  • Sami Twitter: @SamRusani

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