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Gregory Whiting is a founding team member of Cellarius Universe, an original, transmedia cyberpunk franchise that leverages blockchain technology and user-generated assets to create a collaborative, fan-curated story. Its narrative begins in the near future and will expand through the galaxy in both space and time. In essence, the Cellarius Universe is a future-oriented mythology, and it’s also a collective storytelling project whose content and contours are being shaped by its community. Cellarius is a part of Consensys, where Gregory works as the Community Diversity and Ethics Lead.

Prior to ConsenSys, he was a social worker at places like Sound Mental Health, Overlake Hospital and the Swedish Medical Center, as well as a youth counselor in Seattle.

Listen in on this super amazing episode as Gregory enlightens us about this fantastic universe that they’re creating as well as his path from Social Work into the Blockchain industry.

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Show Notes:

  • 01:09 - Gregory Whiting's intro.
  • 02:09 - Gregory's background and ConsenSys.
  • 04:25 - The team and leadership culture at ConsenSys.
  • 05:23 - Gregory's transition into the crypto space.
  • 05:52 - The conception of Cellarius.
  • 08:50 - Team-wide receptiveness to positive change.
  • 11:02 - Gregory's Community Ethics and Inclusion role at ConsenSys.
  • 11:38 - What the Cellarius Network really is, in layman terms.
  • 13:50 - The checks and balances that govern what goes on the blockchain.
  • 16:28 - The community-oriented development of Cellarius Universe.
  • 18:29 - Making sure the platform is developed in an all inclusive way.
  • 21:27 - Future-oriented mythology verses past-oriented normal mythology.
  • 23:24 - The connection of arts and accounting in the Cellarius platform.
  • 28:14 - Permissive licensing and the ownership of content within the Cellarius Universe.
  • 32:24 - A hypothetical case of how a story can be licensed in a way that its creators will benefit financially.
  • 36:01 - The potential for using a token in future to ratify content on the platform.
  • 40:35 - The content monetization edge that Cellarius will have over traditional media franchises.

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