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Today’s Coin Gamma Podcast guest is Michael Moro, CEO of Genesis Trading and Genesis Capital. Genesis is an over the counter (OTC) digital currency trading platform for institutional buyers and sellers, and also high net worth individuals. They make buying and selling large blocks of digital currency a simple, secure and supportive process. They offer deep pools of liquidity, 24/7 trading, and same-day settlement since the company’s inception. Prior to Genesis, Michael worked at CitiGroup as well as SecondMarket, Inc.

Listen in on our awesome convo on his journey into crypto, his current leading role in the space,  and what is keeping institutional capital from coming into the space.

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Show Notes:

  • 01:11 - Michael Moro intro
  • 02:09 - What SecondMarket, Inc. did, and transitioning from SecondMarket, Inc. into trading crypto.
  • 03:19 - Michael discovering Bitcoin.
  • 03:45 - Trading derivatives at SecondMarket, Inc.
  • 03:57 - Genesis Trading's focus on institutions.
  • 05:17 - Michael's view on the growth and speculated future growth of institutional interest in crypto.
  • 06:12 - What has kept institutions away from crypto.
  • 08:25 - Genesis Trading's post-trade settlement basis during trades.
  • 09:36 - Genesis Trading's client base.
  • 10:17 - East-Asia based crypto markets Vs US-based crypto markets in terms of advanced trading.
  • 11:35 - Genesis Capital: The lending service of Genesis Trading.
  • 13:17 - Coming up with the borrow rates.
  • 15:05 - The impact of the introduction of Bitcoin futures.
  • 17:22 - The potential expansion of futures to other underlying assets.
  • 18:18 - How Genesis Trading chooses what clients to support
  • 20:12 - Other projects that Michael finds interesting.

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