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Patrick Larsen is the CEO and Cofounder of ZenLedger, a SaaS cryptocurrency tax tool that delivers tax and accounting services to individuals and cryptocurrency investors as well as to CPA’s and crypto hedge funds. ZenLedger also works with utility token founders to help them run with blockchain economies in a smoother and more scalable fashion. 

ZenLedger enables people to import their transactions from Digital Asset Exchanges, so they can calculate gains and income, and see their potential taxes as they go through the year.

Prior to starting ZenLedger, Pat worked in finance at Lincoln International, as VP of Business Development at Profitics, Inc. in Chicago, and as a Senior Vendor Manager at Amazon. He is also a former Navy helicopter mission commander.

It’s a fun convo that begins with a quick detour into the NBA offseason.

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Show Notes:

  • 00:41 Patrick Larsen Intro
  • 05:27 Pat's motivation for venturing into crypto.
  • 08:22 Tax as a legal pain point in crypto.
  • 09:22 ZenLedger's current market reach.
  • 10:54 Converting cryptocurrencies into their USD equivalents for tax purposes and IRS's guidance.
  • 12:35 Cryptocurrency exchanges integrated into ZenLedger.
  • 13:40 Security related user challenges.
  • 14:08 Security token exchanges' features.
  • 15:20 ZenLedger's target clients.
  • 16:05 Tailor-made service for utility token founders.
  • 18:13 Global expansion plans.
  • 19:08 Mutually beneficial partnerships with tax/finance related firms.
  • 21:20 US cryptocurrency regulations and associated issues.
  • 25:11 Projects that Pat finds interesting.

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