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On our 21st Coin Gamma Podcast, we are happy to have two members of the ARA Blocks team, CEO Tony Mugavero and Chief Brand Officer Vanessa Kincaid. ARA is a distributed content protocol with decentralized identity, rewards, distribution, and commerce. The ARA community-driven platform and developer SDKs leverage distributed computing, blockchain, and the sharing economy to make the delivery and sale of assets and experiences quick, cost-effective, and secure.

Prior to being CEO at ARA, Tony was a 4x Tech Founder. He spent 3 years designing and building content delivery systems for Disney, Sony, Google, NBCUniversal, and more.

Prior to being CBO at ARA, Vanessa with global brands like LVMH, CBS, L'Oreal and spent 10 + yrs in brand & product development.

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Show Notes:

  • 00:45 Tony and Vanessa Intro
  • 04:50 Who is the main audience for ARA Blocks
  • 05:50 ARA technical structure
  • 07:40 ARA as a legal version of BitTorrent
  • 08:40 Michelle Pham use case
  • 10:00 ARA Blocks UX
  • 13:44 How can streaming platforms leverage ARA Blocks?
  • 15:30 Potential Sports integrations
  • 17:55 Building a brand in the Blockchain space versus more traditional industries
  • 21:30 ARA Blocks token sale structure
  • 26:00 Projects that Tony and Vanessa find interesting

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