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Today we are honored to have Tyler Boscolo, COO at lifeID, on the Coin Gamma Podcast. lifeID is a blockchain based identity company in Seattle, Washington.
lifeID is an open-source, blockchain-based platform for self-sovereign identity. A lifeID is your personal self-sovereign digital identity that you can use for online and real world transactions. When you use your lifeID, you control how much information about yourself that you share.

Prior to lifeID, Tyler was the founder or Premier Tutor, an in-home tutoring solution, and Parameter Capital.

We have a fun chat about the lifeID project, Tyler’s journey into crypto, and the importance of having control of your personal information.

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  • 00:45 Tyler Boscolo Intro
  • 04:40 What is lifeID?
  • 07:00 lifeID use cases
  • 12:00 Comparison of different blockchain-based identity tools
  • 14:00 Partnership with RChain
  • 17:00 Mainnet Launch
  • 20:30 Challenges dealing with lack of clarity from US regulators
  • 22:15 Projects that Tyler finds interesting

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