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For our 2nd episode, we are proud to have our first guest: Munair Simpson. Based in Seoul, Korea, Munair is a crypto strategist and the CEO of Useful Coin. We dig into the crypto scene in Korea, what brought Munair into crypto, and what its like to be a Jamaican expat in Korea. Korea is the 3rd biggest crypto market in the world so it was great to learn from an expert on the ground.

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Show notes:
01:07 Munair Intro
02:15 Useful Coin Background
04:51 What it like being a Jamaican living in Seoul Korea?
07:50 How Useful Coin attracts its Crypto Clients
10:31 What attracted Munair to crypto
14:13 Advice for those new to crypto
15:20 KIN ICO
17:21 Youtube Recommendation
21:30 More advice for those new to crypto
22:50 What’s a token really worth?
26:00 Rumors coming out of South Korea - Bans, Lunar New Year
27:30 South Korean investment style
29:53 South Koreans becoming more investment-oriented in crypto
30:25 South Korea regulatory rumors
32:05 Security concerns around North Korea
35:00 Munair’s prediction for Bitcoin’s placement in the crypto ecosystem
39:00 Importance of the East Asian markets in crypto

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