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Today we are honored to have Jacqueline Kwok, Head of Business Development at Arcana, on the Coin Gamma Podcast. Arcana is an all-in-one portal that gives you the security of cold storage, the convenience of a hot wallet, and the insight of a portfolio tracker. Arcana is a super secure, intuitively designed multi-currency wallet. It currently supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, NEO, over 500 ERC20 and NEP5 tokens.

Jacqueline Kwok, who goes by JK, is one of the founding members of Arcana and focused on business development and operations. She has a background in a range of financial roles from private equity investing to in-house financial planning with a large silicon valley tech company. JK is originally from Hong Kong, has an MBA from INSEAD France and Singapore, and currently lives in San Francisco.

We have a fun chat about the Arcana project, Jacqueline’s journey into crypto, and the importance of improved UX in this space.

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  • 00:45 Jacqueline Kwok intro
  • 05:00 Issues with the storing private keys
  • 06:30 What is Arcana?
  • 10:00 Arcana’s focus on strong UX
  • 11:30 Why is Arcana better than a hardware wallet?
  • 15:14 How can you have cold storage and still be connected to a network?
  • 18:20 Use of the Arcana Token
  • 19:40 Plans for support of non-ERC20 tokens
  • 23:30 Projects that Jacqueline finds interesting  

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