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Today, we are honored to have Pu Shi, CEO of One Game, on the podcast. One Game is a platform that aims at developing the first ever AI based decentralized virtual world on top of the blockchain ecosystem that improves the use and utilization of blockchain technology in the gaming and virtual reality space. Pu Shi is a serial entrepreneur; investor and adviser in multiple blockchain projects;  and an independent game developer with more than 10 years experience. He is also the Co-founder and CTO of (the largest used-car trading website in the US targeting Asian immigrants).

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  • 00:48 Pu Shi Intro
  • 05:50 What is One Game?
  • 11:00 What kind of Blockchain is One Game based on?
  • 15:00 Proof of Work or Proof of Stake?
  • 16:45 One Game Voting Structure
  • 18:30 Deep Brain Chain being on NEO
  • 19:00 One Game ICO
  • 22:30 Other Interesting Blockchain Projects
  • 25:00 Getting in touch with Pu Shi  

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