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Dhruv Bansal is a physicist turned serial entrepreneur. While being a PhD candidate at the University of Texas, Dhruv founded Infochimps, a marketplace for the world’s data. After selling Infochimps to CSC, he then founded Unchained Capital in January 2016, a platform that lends cash to long-term crypto HOLDlers. We talk to Dhruv about his journey to crypto and building one of the first crypto lending platforms.

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  • 00:58 Dhruv Bansal Background
  • 03:25 What is Unchained Capital?
  • 04:39 Why would someone want a loan against crypto?
  • 07:10 Lending against Bitcoin
  • 07:47 Process for Ethereum Based Lending and the Security Process
  • 12:25 Do you hold your clients crypto as collateral?
  • 14:40 Future plans for securing client crypto
  • 19:50 Request for Security Firms to partner with Unchained Capital
  • 26:00 How Unchained Capital deals with volatile collateral
  • 42:00 Unchained Capital Underwriting Process
  • 45:20 Plans for additional products
  • 51:00 How Unchained Capital deals with forks.  

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