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Whether you are new or old to Crypto, refreshing on the fundamentals are always important. This episode’s guest, Blake Johnson, helps us break down the fundamentals of this space. Blake Johnson is the founder of Crypto NYC, community, coworking space and app studio based in Tribeca; dedicated fulltime to blockchain technologies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Blake Johnson is a self-taught hacker who went on to teach coding at the Hacker School and Flatiron school before doing Freelance development at places like Admittedly, Breazy and Dow Jones. We chat about the basics of crypto, the differences between the major cryptos as well learning more about Crypto NYC.

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Show Notes

02:17 Blake Johnson background
07:25 If you were new crypto, where would you start?
08:13 Why it's important to buy a little Bitcoin to start, even $5
10:17 What is Blockchain?
13:01 Why it's difficult to separate Bitcoin and Blockchain?
14:07 What is mining?
17:40 What is Ethereum?
19:28 What is a smart contract?
21:05 What is Crypto NYC?
24:15 How can someone join Crypto NYC?
26:10 As a technologist, do you think there is too much focus on the price of the coins?
29:17 Blake Johnson’s trading strategies
33:20 What do you say to people who overreact to the current market correction?
37:20 Other projects Blake is excited about

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