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Decentraland, a large decentralized virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain, intends to aggressively invest in blockchain gaming projects to be built on its platform. To get the project running, the Genesis Content Program was launched so game developers could submit blockchain-based game proposals to be made on Decentraland.

Once top applicants can be identified, Decentraland will actively encourage the growth of decentralized online gaming by investing $5 million to jumpstart the projects.

Virtual reality is the trend nowadays, and Decentraland aims to go in this direction with the aid of game developers and their proposals. In return, these developers gain the opportunity to earn tokens in exchange for these virtual experiences.

How Decentraland Works

Hosting games on Decentraland’s LAND does not come free. These blockchain-based games need LAND – a piece of virtual property – in order to function. This can be purchased in Decentraland’s marketplace and should be done with as much attention to detail that comes with the purchase of normal land. There are parcel boundaries to be considered, and space is limited.

Decentraland does allow decentralized item or collectible based games such as trading card games which can be played “remotely” from anywhere in Genesis City. However, a minimum of one LAND parcel is needed in order to run and host games even with the collectible setup.

Decentraland will take an approach much like Google’s low-poly aesthetic one where games use limited graphics and users can enjoy the gaming experience just as much regardless of the device they use. On top of that, it will be encouraging diversity and distributed ownership. Decentraland will also allow for the building of distributed games to be hosted across multiple parcels through its open-source hub.

Game genres have been suggested so developers can better craft their games. These include scavenger hunts, skill competitions, crafting, etc.

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