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Wu-Tang Clan's most eccentric member was Ol Dirty Bastard. His energy and colorful lyrics was a welcome contrast to the deeper and darker content of other members, such as Raekwon. He passed away in 2004, but his name will live on...through crypto. His estate, led by his son, Young Dirty Bastard will be launching a cryptocurrency: Dirty Coin.

When asked about his passion for crypto during an interview with Yahoo Finance, Young Dirty stated:

"Well, I have a passion for capital. Its like..I don't want to be the bum, but the Dirty coin is going to turn everything into great Rum. That's my passion, making sure everyone feels good and warm when you come to our currency."

Here is the full interview:

This coin will be a utility token and will be used to fund an upcoming album by Young Dirty Bastard. As reported by Yahoo Finance, eventually this coin will be used for concerts, merchandise, music, books and possibly video games.

The symbol will be ODB. The token sale will be on the TAO network and will trade on AltMarket once the toke sale is over.

Here is our favorite ODB Track:

Wu Tang Forever

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