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The team behind the already popular trading platform, Coinbase, has just added a valuable member to its solid lineup to be its Vice President of corporate and business development - Emilie Choi.

This move by Coinbase positions itself to get ready for expansion plans. Emilie Choi fits the bill as she has done major deals and acquisitions during her tenure at LinkedIn as its Head of Mergers and Acquisitions for eight years.

At this time, Eric Darwin fills Choi’s place at LinkedIn. Choi accepted the role at Coinbase as she saw there would be a lot to do with the company to keep her busy.

“There are a lot of great pre-IPO companies, or even the tech titans, that are not so heavily involved in M&A right now,” she said in an interview. “Coinbase actually is in a position to do a lot of M&A.”

Coinbase is clearly looking further into the long-term and going public as it has also been considering its choice of Chief Financial Officer and VP of Communications. For as long as the company has been around, there has been no clear intention for significant partnerships or acquisitions. Before this move, there have been some signs of the company stepping up its game. Two months ago, it just made its first acquisition in over three years and had even received venture capital funding to make a total of around $225 million from this source alone.

Under Choi’s leadership, things may change for the better in the acquisitions aspect. Noticing this change of pace for Coinbase, Choi commented:

“It definitely seems as the No. 1 priority right now is getting in as much talent as possible.”

Acquisitions would be very much part of this direction, and Choi said Coinbase might do well to leverage other holdings such as cryptocurrency assets.

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