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Brave browser has just achieved a significant milestone by hitting reaching 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store. This means its user base has doubled in four months. Brave is a private browser where users can enjoy ad-free browsing and rewards them for ‘consuming’ or publishing content. The cryptocurrency used for monetizing the content is the Basic Attention Token (BAT). BAT is a digital currency developed on the Ethereum network.

Unlike browsers owned by private companies such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Brave is dependent on advertising revenue and the sale of user data within the Brave network.

When the project launched, Brave already showed great promise when it raised $36 million during its ICO in half a minute’s time. Since then, its progress only continued to grow exponentially. It has even garnered support from big names in the media industry such as Dow Jones Media Group. Not only does this add credibility to Brave, but it also allows for a system where users can access premium content.

Moreover, the rewards system gives content creators the opportunity to earn much larger revenue shares versus the centralized ad-based models. Video creators for Youtube and Twitch now have more reason to try out the platform. In fact, popular content creator and YouTuber with over 6 million subscribers, Philip DeFranco, has just recently signed with Brave.

Despite the rapid growth and apparent success of the Brave project, the majority of users still opt for the traditional browsers. In fact, only 25% of Brave users are taking advantage of the BAT payment system.

DeFranco further highlighted the best parts of the new browser saying it was a “fantastic product that creates a cleaner, faster, and secure browsing experience, they are thinking about creators, their audiences, and how to support both first.”

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