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"I ain't even gotta rap now, life is made
Said I ain't even gotta rap, I'm filthy, mane" - 50 Cent, Straight to the Bank

I’m from Queens, so 50 Cent is to me what Bon Jovi is to NJ folks, Billy Joel to Long Islanders. I was a teenager when he started his career and in college when he dropped his first commercial success, Get Rich or Die Trying. Real 50 Cent fans know that this was not his first album. His first real album was 2000’s Power of a Dollar, which was quite good I must say. As I transitioned into my career in finance and technology, 50’s brand expanded exponentially. Over time he has become known more for his business acumen versus his music. From his Vitamin Water to SMS headphones to the Power series on Starz, 50 has shown an ability to expand outside the hip-hop realm. Despite his music taking a back seat, he still consistently put out music with a unique twist.

In 2014, 50 Cent released Animal Ambition. As part of this album sales push, 50 and his team decided to accept Bitcoin. Remember this is 2014. At the time of this album release, Bitcoin was trading at $657. The sales amounted to 700 Bitcoin, or $459,900. 50 Cent and his team never touched this revenue and left the coins in the wallet. Fast forward to 2018, and those Bitcoin holdings are worth $7,784,900.

At the time, 50 Cent stated in a Reddit AMA:

"stay with times. Technology is what's changing the business gotta get with it. I take money no matter if its coins or dollars."

Fast forward to this week, and it appears that 50 forgot that he made this shrewd move, but he is obviously happy about it:

Our favorite 50 track:

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